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Sifting through an box of old software this past weekend (wherein I found the Schwa Screen Cleanser), I discovered a few 3.5″ disks of hacker utilities I got from the SotMESC (Spur of the Moment Elite Social Club) c. 1998 (I cannot believe the mid-90s were long ago enough to be “retro” now). I am making the disk images (imz) available here along with descriptions of the files, for historical purposes. Most of these are shareware of freeware, I think. Many are MS-DOS programs written in C or C++; a few are Visual Basic. I do not expect any of them to work properly on modern computers. Caveat hacker. (You can find most or all of these and much more in the Hacker’s Encyclopedia ’98 @

Fuckin' Hacker 2.0 — read the docu @
Fuckin’ Hacker 2.0 — read the docu @

Credit Master v4

Disk 1

download disk 1 compressed image file

File Name Contents Version Author Date Note A Trivial Ethernet Analyzer ? Vance Morrison 6/5/90 includes C source code Fuckin' Hacker 2.0 Hypnocosm 6/10/87 dial-up hacker
internet.hak A Hacker's Guide to the Internet 2.00 The Gatsby 7/7/91 text file Cracker Jack 1.3 Jackal 2/5/93 UNIX password cracker for PC
kc.exe Killer Cracker 9.11 Doctor Dissector 10/7/91 UNIX /etc/passwd cracker Master Hack 1.0 Master Frodo 1/1/91 dial-up hacker
pkzip.exe PKZIP file compression utility 1.01 Phil Katz 7/21/89
pkunzip.exe PKUNZIP file decompression utility 1.01 Phil Katz 7/21/89
pwc.dox Password Cracker ? Paul Pomes 1986 C source code
pwp.exe Password Preprocessor 2.00 Doctor Dissector 9/20/91 mutates passwords for cracking TeleDisk – The Diskette Fax Machine 2.1 Sydex July 1990 converts disk contents to file
teledisk.doc Docu for TeleDisk text file Code Thief Deluxe 4.0 Brew Associates ????

Disk 2

download disk 2 compressed image file

File Name Contents Version Author Date Note Brute force password cracker 1.1 Prometheus ? Fast ZIP Cracker 1.04 Fernando Papa Budzyn 1995 HADES Passwd Cracking Engine 1.00 alpha ? 1991 HackBBS COM Only Version 0.2 Virogen 6/29/93 HEdit32 1.2 Yuri Software 1992 hexadecimal editor HEX 5.1 Jonathan Durward 4/12/95 hexadecimal editor EyeDent Spoofer ? Royce ? fake user name on ident requests this is actually a corrputed archive of EyeDent Spoofer (q.v.) can partially fix with pkzipfix keystroke logger ? Mike Ellis ? DELP: Delam's Elite Password Leecher 1.00 Dr. Delam 5/18/91 records keystrokes for a given program Newbies Handbook N/A Plowsk¥ Phreak ? text file The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Hacking and Phreaking N/A Revelation 8/4/96 text file The Login Hacker 1.0 van Hauser/TCH (The Hacker's Choice) 4/15/96 Warcraft 2 Over Kali Patch ? ? ?
winnuke_.c Winnuke N/A _eci and _wfx 5/13/97 port attacker

Disk 3

download disk 3 compressed image file

File Name Contents Version Author Date Note American Express Card Generator 1 beta WaReZ ? Apex 1.00 Ed T. Toton III 10/8/91 hoax; simulates hacking NORAD AT&T Calling Card Number Generator 0.1 beta Agon 1994 ChaSeR's Credit Card Generator 1 beta ChaSeR ? Claymore brute force cracker ? The Grenadier ? CreditMaster 4.0 MPI [Micropirates Inc.] Development Labs 10/31/95 Credit Probe 1.0 BlooDLuST credit card number generator Glide file cracker ? ? ? includes C++ source code ipspoof C code ? ? ? not same as "ipspoof" on disk 2 IRC bouncer C code ? Mark 8/31/93 five IRC utilities: FLASH, FLOODBOT, LL, MCB, and SUMO ? ? ? utility for DOS version of CrackerJack (q.v.) ? The Scorpion 11/25/95 link looker for IRC ? ? ? cf., ll++ for Linux OmniBox telephone tone generator 1.1 The Phantom ? PhreakMaster Lite 1.0 Elroy of ECR 1992 tone generator and phonebook Remote Access BBS Hacking Tools ? Skywalker ? THUGS IRC utilities, VIP ed. 2 B|zZyBoNe 11/10/96 Scavenger-Dialer 0.61 The Scavenger 1995

SotMESC Disks

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