Portable Arduino Lab

I have hot-glued my Arduino Duemilanove to the battery compartment lid of my Maxitronix 500-in-One electronics lab, making for a portable Arduino lab that includes:

  • 8 LEDs
  • Photo-transistor
  • CdS cell
  • Antenna coil
  • Tuning capacitor
  • DPDT swtich
  • 665-hole breadboard
  • 8 SPST switches
  • 8-digit LCD display
  • 7-segment LED display
  • 4-bit embedded microcomputer w/ keyboard
  • Speaker
  • Transformer
  • 50kΩ and 100kΩ potentiometers
  • Compartments and trays for loose components

The Arduino aligns with the spring terminals of the 7-segment display, such that the case closes perfectly.

Arduino Lab 1

Arduino Lab 2

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