TarotBot is an open source framework for tarot readings on Android devices with switchable card decks and interpretations.

Not my doing, but sounds cool. Check it out.

Tarot As Interactive Media

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Interactive media is not limited to electronic media or digital media. Board games, pop-up books, gamebooks, flip books and constellation wheels are all examples of printed interactive media. Books with a simple table of contents or index may be considered interactive due to the non-linear control mechanism in the medium, but are usually considered non-interactive since the majority of the user experience is non-interactive sequential reading. // Wikipedia: “Interactive Media”

Tarot is technology. Some of its uses:

  • intuition amplifier (thanks to Rhett Gayle for that term)
  • supplementing requisite variety with random selections (cf. W. Ross Ashby, An Introduction to Cybernetics, “13/18. Supplementation of Selection,” pp. 258–259)
  • attenuating anticipated variety in the environment (cf. requisite knowledge)
  • lateral thinking (cf. The Creative Whack Pack)
  • mnemonic device (Paul Foster Case teaches this through his BOTA curriculum)
  • conceptual framework for organizing and sharing experiences as coherent narratives
  • elements of ritual composition or performance


How to Create an iPod Tarot Deck

Using iTunes, an iPod and your personal music collection, you can create a Tarot deck that is always in your pocket. Use it to predict the future, impress your friends at parties, study and memorize the meanings of cards, or simply collect together some of your favorite songs in an interesting playlist.