Beginning Interactive Multimedia Ritual Design

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November 8 – December 20, 2010

Begin working on tomorrow’s magic, today, with digital media. This six-week, online course introduces you to the theory and demonstrates a variety of multimedia interactions for ritual magic, including mechanisms for meditation/concentration, divination, enchantment, evocation, and invocation. No prior multimedia authoring or computer programming experience is required. To enroll, please visit

The course is offered to all students of Arcanorium College, at no additional cost. Arcanorium’s dues are UK£60 for one year or UK£20 for three months, which includes access to all online classes (2 or 3 per semester, 6 or 7 semesters per year), and a discussion forum where you can interact with instructors and other students. Students from anywhere in the world are welcome. Instructors include Lola Babalon, Peter Carroll, Ramsey Dukes, Jaq Hawkins, Dave Lee, Julian Vayne, Andrieh Vitimus, and more.

Beginning Interactive Multimedia for Ritual Magic

2010.09.15 Update

I have been accepted to teach a six-week course in beginning interactive multimedia ritual design, at Arcanorium College, later this year or early next. Will post details as they develop.

I am working on a series of multimedia sketches titled Sleight-of-Mind Machines, that will demonstrate simple human-computer interactions for magic.

The Emotiv EPOC has been hacked (thanks to Larry for the heads-up). At least one or two of the Sleight-of-Mind Machines will feature the EPOC. I also have some plans to interface it with Processing via OSC packets.