Doktor A’s Blavatski & Sons Figures for Transcenders Art Show

Blavatski & Sons: Phenomenologocal Extrapolator (18″ tall by 7″ × 8″, made of vinyl, vopper, glass, aluminum, paper, lead, rubber, cedar wood, ABS, polyurethane resin and found objects, for $1,500.00) Rid your household of unwanted Apparitions the modern way.This marvel of engineering does away with the need for priests, arcane ceremonies, bells, books and candles. Simply set him to work in your haunted establishment and he will swiftly render your insubstantial tenant into its component parts. Ectoplasm, Aether, Sulphur and Vapour are collected separately for easy disposal later. Any potentially valuable or interesting Apports are also collected and stored. The Miraculous patented engine requires no stoking or cranking as it gathers its kinetic force from the dissipated spirits previously despatched.

Blavatski & Sons: Patented Personal Devinator (6″ tall by 5″ × 5″, made of vinyl, brass, steel, paper, lead, rubber, acrylic and found objects for $650) Your Pocketsized Clockwork Advisor. When the larger Kismet Disseminator is simply too bulky (such as when on Safari) this smaller version of the Devination Engine can come in very handy. Always ready to dispense invaluable tidbits of wisdom to aid you through your day. Featuring tear off slips for easy storage in a pocket or journal.

Blavatski & Sons: Clockwork Spirit Decoys (Edition of six. Three brass, three copper. 3″ tall by 3″ × 2″, made of vinyl, lead, rubber, brass and polymer clay for $250.00/each) Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement of attic? Intended for use in conjunction with the Phenomenologocal Extrapolator. These tiny clockwork characters rush about your domicile and entice other less mechanical spirits into believing that it is safe to emerge from hiding. Available individually or in sets. These plucky little fellows take the legwork out of ghost busting.

Blavatski & Sons: The Automatic Medium : Seance Engine (6″ tall by 18″ wide by 12″, made of oak, cedar wood, vinyl, brass, steel, paper, lead, rubber, silver and found Objects for $1,800) 1. Arrange cards in a semi circle in front of the device. 2. Place the planchard in the centre of the cards. 3. Set dial A to the spirit you wish to contact. 4. Set dial B to the time since death if known. 5. Fully wind the patented clockwork mechanism. 6. Sit in a circle around the device and join hands. 7. Once the spirit is contacted ask the desired question using standard international Morse code via the tap key mounted on top of the case.

Blavatski & Sons: Patented Mechanised Tasseomancer (12″ tall by 7″ × 4″ (not including cups), made of vinyl, brass, steel, paper, lead, copper, rubber, ABS, glass and found objects for $1000) Daily Devination Through Infusion Detritus. The art of foretelling the future through the interpretation of tea leaves is an ancient a nobel art. Blavatski & Sons new Tasseomancy engine brings this age old craft into the modern world. Far more accurate than any crone, the Tasseomancer will deduce your future activities with a high degree of accuracy in a fraction of the time. He can also make suggestions about the best way to brew a good cup of char.

Thanks to ToyCyte for the images and description — the Transcenders blog no longer has them up. Check out Doktor A’s site, Spookypop.

How to Create an iPod Tarot Deck

Using iTunes, an iPod and your personal music collection, you can create a Tarot deck that is always in your pocket. Use it to predict the future, impress your friends at parties, study and memorize the meanings of cards, or simply collect together some of your favorite songs in an interesting playlist.

Scrying with Apophysis

When the program is first opened it generates a list of 100 random fractal flames in a sidebar. You can click a number from the random bank to see the corresponding fractal. You can also reload the random list and it will generate another series of a hundred fractals, adding a number one at the beginning of the file names. In this way you can scry increasingly larger numbers into the hundreds. To color the flame you can use either a preset gradient or use the smooth palette option in the gradient window to browse for an image to be used as the color gradient. You can manipulate the flame using the Editor, Adjustment, Mutation and 3D rotation buttons to look for interesting shapes and faces in any given fractal. The fractal flames are three dimensional mathematical graphs. Moving them around, rotating them, and changing the position of the color gradient all allow for different views of the same 3D fractal flame object.