Ong’s Hat

You have been searching for us without knowing it, following oblique references in crudely xeroxed marginal “samsidat” publications, crackpot mystical pamphlets, mail order courses … a paper trail and a coded series of rumors spread at street level … and the propagation of certain acts of insurrection against the Planetary Work Machine and the Consensus Reality … or perhaps through various obscure mimeographed technical papers on the edges of “chaos science” … through pirate computer networks … or even through pure synchronicity and the pursuit of dreams. In any case we know something about you, your interests, deeds and desires, works and days … and we know your address. Otherwise … you would not be reading this…

The Cyberpunk Project

The Cyberpunk Project (TCP) is a remotely avaliable data-well net of files about cyberpunk subculture, cyberpunk science-fiction and general cyberculture in the form of collected information. It is the result of years of gathering data and sorting it, to compile a host of cyberpunk-ifnormation related documents and work.

The TCP started in 1996 and was actively supported until late 2002.

Street Tech: Hardware Beyond the Hype

Street Tech is a personal technology site. We offer honest views and reviews on technology from our many years of experience in the digital trenches. We’re known to rant about what sucks and rave about what doesn’t. We love technology but know the smell of bullshit when it arrives as the latest “killer app.”

Includes a Web version of the 1991 classic, Beyond Cyberpunk!

Esoteric and Occult on Open Directory Project (ODP)

Esoteric and Occult is a broad category embracing religious and mystical traditions and practices throughout history which have served as alternatives to mainstream religions. Esoteric and Occult also encompasses secret societies, underground groups and unusual activities that fall within occultism, meaning the study of hidden things, that is, the hidden structure of reality and of humanity.