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Sifting through an box of old software this past weekend (wherein I found the Schwa Screen Cleanser), I discovered a few 3.5″ disks of hacker utilities I got from the SotMESC (Spur of the Moment Elite Social Club) c. 1998 (I cannot believe the mid-90s were long ago enough to be “retro” now). I am making the disk images (imz) available here along with descriptions of the files, for historical purposes. Most of these are shareware of freeware, I think. Many are MS-DOS programs written in C or C++; a few are Visual Basic. I do not expect any of them to work properly on modern computers. Caveat hacker. (You can find most or all of these and much more in the Hacker’s Encyclopedia ’98 @

Fuckin' Hacker 2.0 — read the docu @
Fuckin’ Hacker 2.0 — read the docu @

Credit Master v4

Disk 1

download disk 1 compressed image file

File Name Contents Version Author Date Note A Trivial Ethernet Analyzer ? Vance Morrison 6/5/90 includes C source code Fuckin' Hacker 2.0 Hypnocosm 6/10/87 dial-up hacker
internet.hak A Hacker's Guide to the Internet 2.00 The Gatsby 7/7/91 text file Cracker Jack 1.3 Jackal 2/5/93 UNIX password cracker for PC
kc.exe Killer Cracker 9.11 Doctor Dissector 10/7/91 UNIX /etc/passwd cracker Master Hack 1.0 Master Frodo 1/1/91 dial-up hacker
pkzip.exe PKZIP file compression utility 1.01 Phil Katz 7/21/89
pkunzip.exe PKUNZIP file decompression utility 1.01 Phil Katz 7/21/89
pwc.dox Password Cracker ? Paul Pomes 1986 C source code
pwp.exe Password Preprocessor 2.00 Doctor Dissector 9/20/91 mutates passwords for cracking TeleDisk – The Diskette Fax Machine 2.1 Sydex July 1990 converts disk contents to file
teledisk.doc Docu for TeleDisk text file Code Thief Deluxe 4.0 Brew Associates ????

Disk 2

download disk 2 compressed image file

File Name Contents Version Author Date Note Brute force password cracker 1.1 Prometheus ? Fast ZIP Cracker 1.04 Fernando Papa Budzyn 1995 HADES Passwd Cracking Engine 1.00 alpha ? 1991 HackBBS COM Only Version 0.2 Virogen 6/29/93 HEdit32 1.2 Yuri Software 1992 hexadecimal editor HEX 5.1 Jonathan Durward 4/12/95 hexadecimal editor EyeDent Spoofer ? Royce ? fake user name on ident requests this is actually a corrputed archive of EyeDent Spoofer (q.v.) can partially fix with pkzipfix keystroke logger ? Mike Ellis ? DELP: Delam's Elite Password Leecher 1.00 Dr. Delam 5/18/91 records keystrokes for a given program Newbies Handbook N/A Plowsk¥ Phreak ? text file The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Hacking and Phreaking N/A Revelation 8/4/96 text file The Login Hacker 1.0 van Hauser/TCH (The Hacker's Choice) 4/15/96 Warcraft 2 Over Kali Patch ? ? ?
winnuke_.c Winnuke N/A _eci and _wfx 5/13/97 port attacker

Disk 3

download disk 3 compressed image file

File Name Contents Version Author Date Note American Express Card Generator 1 beta WaReZ ? Apex 1.00 Ed T. Toton III 10/8/91 hoax; simulates hacking NORAD AT&T Calling Card Number Generator 0.1 beta Agon 1994 ChaSeR's Credit Card Generator 1 beta ChaSeR ? Claymore brute force cracker ? The Grenadier ? CreditMaster 4.0 MPI [Micropirates Inc.] Development Labs 10/31/95 Credit Probe 1.0 BlooDLuST credit card number generator Glide file cracker ? ? ? includes C++ source code ipspoof C code ? ? ? not same as "ipspoof" on disk 2 IRC bouncer C code ? Mark 8/31/93 five IRC utilities: FLASH, FLOODBOT, LL, MCB, and SUMO ? ? ? utility for DOS version of CrackerJack (q.v.) ? The Scorpion 11/25/95 link looker for IRC ? ? ? cf., ll++ for Linux OmniBox telephone tone generator 1.1 The Phantom ? PhreakMaster Lite 1.0 Elroy of ECR 1992 tone generator and phonebook Remote Access BBS Hacking Tools ? Skywalker ? THUGS IRC utilities, VIP ed. 2 B|zZyBoNe 11/10/96 Scavenger-Dialer 0.61 The Scavenger 1995

SotMESC Disks

who programs you

who programs you
who decides what tapes play back in present time
who plays back your old humiliations and defeats holding you in prerecorded preset time
you don’t have to listen to that sound
you can program your own playback
you can decide what tapes you want played back in present time

—William S. Burroughs, “The Invisible Generation”

Electronic Revolution

The more disempowered people are, the more they long for magic, which explains why magic becomes the province of women in a sexist society. And what are most spells about? Usually procuring love, with the hexing of enemies running a close second.
// Erica Jong, Witches

One of the first books to turn me on to technomancy was William S. Burroughs’s The Electronic Revolution, wherein the author explains his ideas about the word virus and how to exploit it via manipulating and playing back media including photographs and audio tape recordings. Below is an excerpt from the text, which describes an essentially sorcerous operation against a small business that had offended Burroughs; seems petty, but the final paragraph maps the technique onto ‘the arena of politics’. As you read the excerpt, compare ‘tape recorder 2’ to a magical link.



Hungry for more? Here is the complete text (pdf).

See also: Cursing (and Hacking) Up

Burroughs Electronic Revolution

SCHWA Screen Cleanser

I discovered the Schwa Corporation in 1994 at a Tower Records on Beach Boulevard. Over the next couple of years I collected as much of Bill’s books, stickers, keychains, and other merchandise as I could find, including a Windows screensaver program called the Schwa Corporation Screen Cleanser. I recently came across the 3.5″ disk containing the installation files, and installed the Cleanser on a Windows 98 virtual machine I keep for, er, nostalgic reasons.

SCHWA Screen Cleanser

Here are the installation files, to which I make no claim whatsoever.



Boolean Sorcery

This month’s HackerBox features digital logic circuits, reminding me of a design I have been contemplating for a while. The mathematical foundation of digital electronics, Boolean algebra, is based on three logical operations: conjunction, disjunction, and negation. The gist of Boolean sorcery is applying these and derivative operations to magical objects (it may help to visualize how these operations apply to polygons).

I envision a box having a rotary switch for selecting the Boolean operation to perform, a power switch, and a Venn diagram having two pairs of electrical contacts (one for each circle) and an LED in the center of where the circles intersect. Two magical objects are sculpted in conductive or resistive play-dough (the name-brand stuff is conductive but you can make your own conductive and resistive doughs, adding small quantities of magical ingredients as desired; I typically use food coloring to color my conductive dough red and resistive dough blue), and then placed on the pairs of contacts. The selected Boolean operation determines whether or not the objects together light the LED. E.g., to amplify a quality shared by two things, the sorcerer would select the AND operation, sculpt both things out of conductive play-dough, place one sculpture on the pair of contacts labeled ‘A’ and the other on the pair labeled ‘B’, then toggle the power switch — electricity would pass through both pairs of contacts connected to an AND gate, and the LED would light up. To rid herself of some quality, the sorcerer would select the NOT operation, sculpt an image of herself in the conductive dough and place it in ‘A’, and use the resistive dough to sculpt an image of the quality to be subtracted, which she places in B — when the power is switched on the LED will light because electricity is conducted through A but not B. You need not be an adept sculptor to do this; you could simply form crude disks (or use a cookie-cutter) and inscribe magical words or sigils into them.

Boolean Sorcery 1

Below is a diagram showing an AND gate circuit using a 7408 semiconductor. If both doughs are conductive then the LED will light; if either dough is resistive then it will not.

Boolean Sorcery 2

More complex relations between objects could be made with multiple gates (or by using a microcontroller or other computer), and the output could be something other than an LED. Appropriate talismans may be drawn on the box or placed within it.

Boolean Sorcery 3