Joshua Madara

Electric Wizard

Joshua Madara is a digital and electronic occultist and magician-computer interaction designer living in Seattle, Washington. He designs interactions that mediate occult practices, express occult ideas, and evoke occult experiences. He also writes, teaches, and lectures about these same subjects and cybernetics. His interests include the intersection of technology and magic; magical objects and materia (and media) magica; ritual as interaction and experience design; semiotics of magic and ritual; Sørensen’s cognitive theory of magic; sorcery, necromancy, and witchcraft from antiquity to the modern period; alchemy; psionics and radionics; cybernetics and robotics; new media art; and describing himself in the third person.

Current and Upcoming Projects

Selected Works

Many of my projects are exhibited privately, and several of the items displayed in my portfolio are sketches from the development of those projects. I also feature many sketches and minor works on my Facebook page.

Interest Groups

Alchemy Guild; American Society for Cybernetics; Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft; Illuminates of Thanateros; Rhizome; Societas Magica.



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