Joshua Madara

Electric Wizard

Thaumaturgike, is that Art Mathematicall, which giueth certaine order to make straunge workes, of the sense to be perceiued, and of men greatly to be wondred at. // John Dee

I am a digital and electronic occultist and magician-computer interaction designer, which just means I do much the same sort of thing as digital or electronic artists but primarily for reasons of magic and occultism rather than aesthetic ones. My interests include: magical objects and materia/media/machina magica; ritual as interaction and experience design; semiotics of magic and ritual; Sørensen’s cognitive theory of magic; sorcery, necromancy, witchcraft, and alchemy from antiquity to the future; psionics and radionics; data and information visualization and infographic arts (“making the invisible visible”); cybernetics and systems theory; robotics; new media art; maker culture.

The name hyperRitual was inspired by Theodore Nelson’s hypermedia and Jean Baudrillard’s hyperreality.

I have three main areas of research and development:

  1. The combination of magical arts or the Art Magical with computer, digital, electronic, and new media arts. This is where most of my “technomancy,” “robomancy,” &c. stuff comes from.
  2. Applied conceptual blending as a means of generating novel designs in ritual magic especially involving computer/digital/electronic/new-media technology. In this I am assisted by the works of Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner, Jesper Sørensen, and Manuel Imaz and David Benyon.
  3. The computation of magical thinking, in which I have been assisted by George Pólya’s and Edwin Thompson Jaynes’s works on plausible reasoning.

Current and Upcoming Projects

  • Technomancy 101 — Advanced Cybermagic for Beginners
  • — Ars Robomantica
  • — Modular Psionics


Alchemy Guild
American Society for Cybernetics
Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft
Illuminates of Thanateros
Societas Magica