Scrying with Apophysis

When the program is first opened it generates a list of 100 random fractal flames in a sidebar. You can click a number from the random bank to see the corresponding fractal. You can also reload the random list and it will generate another series of a hundred fractals, adding a number one at the beginning of the file names. In this way you can scry increasingly larger numbers into the hundreds. To color the flame you can use either a preset gradient or use the smooth palette option in the gradient window to browse for an image to be used as the color gradient. You can manipulate the flame using the Editor, Adjustment, Mutation and 3D rotation buttons to look for interesting shapes and faces in any given fractal. The fractal flames are three dimensional mathematical graphs. Moving them around, rotating them, and changing the position of the color gradient all allow for different views of the same 3D fractal flame object.

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