Ritual Design Patterns

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I have been mind-mapping some ritual design patterns from how-to books on ritual magic. The map includes some design principles that may help to make sense of the patterns.

Click here to view the map in your browser (requires Java).

I find it interesting that the maps of Issac Bonewits and Peter Carroll are so similar:

Ritual Design Patterns

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  1. Hi there,
    I find youre Mindmaps very interesting. It could be interesting to hold actual (old) Rituals against it. Especially the Masonic Rituals would be intereseting I think. Masonic Rituals are quite sophisticated and thought through I think.
    What Software are you using to create such maps? Since Magick and the Occult is such a big junk of topics, I use “Connected Text” which proofed to be quite nice and is also a bit like a mindmap.


      1. I use Connected Text over a couple of years now and it is very cool how Topics which seem unrelated grow together. I started out with the whole big Freemasonry area and it now blends over to a whole lot of Magick, Tarot, Alchemy, NLP, … that is very interesting!
        Also I enjoy the feature that you can export the whole lot to one html help file which then includes also all the Linked *.pdfs and pictures and such like … so now I carry my whole library in one File on a USB Stick :)

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