RasPi Ghost Hunting

Just in time for Halloween…

It is possible I never would have gotten into the occult without the Ghostbusters having so inspired me at a young age, and one of the things I found most interesting about that film and franchise was the technology the GB used to measure and control spectral phenomena. The idea of material technology interacting with spiritual forces continues to motivate me today, underlying much of what I do in my “technoccult” arts.

This weekend I began building something I had been thinking about for quite some time: a suite of sensors for paranormal investigation, based around the Raspberry Pi. So far I have a Pi 3 with:

I can read all of the camera and sensor data in Python, and remotely operate the Pi via SSH or VNC. Things I am considering adding include a USB microphone, USB radio receiver, and/or USB-powered infrared LED array.

RasPi Ghost Hunter 1

RasPi Ghost Hunter 2

Good hunting!

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