Net.Art Generator

This version of the generator creates images. The resulting image emerges as a collage of a number of images which have been collected on the WWW in relation to the ‘title’ you have chosen. The original material is processed in 12–14 randomly chosen and combined steps.

This is a cool tool for creating magical images. You can input your statement of intent, and will create a collage of related images retrieved from the Web. Here is the result for “obtain Necronomicon”:


For reasons of sleight of mind, the presence of part of the word, “Necronomicon,” may be undesirable, in which case you can just generate new images until you get one you like better. You can process the result with IMG2TXT, for more arcane fun.

Don’t have a statement of intent to input? Try the SoI Generator!

Thanks to Matty for turning me onto this.

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