Magical Probability Calculator

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Here is a Processing sketch that calculates magical probability per Peter Carroll’s first three equations of magic from Liber Kaos [1]:

  1. M = GL(1 − A)(1 − R)
  2. Pm = P + (1 − P) × M1/P
  3. Pm = P − P × M1/(1 − P)

Magical Probability Calculator

Edited (2016-01-13) to remove link to Java applet version since it no longer works predictably. Here is a somewhat improved version, also made with Processing, and here is a JavaScript version.


Use the blue sliders to manipulate the variables. The green and red bars show how natural (P)robability is adjusted by the amount of (M)agical power — (G)nosis and (L)ink increase magical power, (A)wareness and (R)esistance decrease it. The green bar shows magical influence on manifesting a desired outcome (→ 1.0); the red bar shows magical influence on preventing an undesired outcome (→ 0.0). Both bars become brighter as magical power increases.

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Notes & References

  1. 1. Peter J. Carroll, Liber Kaos (Boston: Weiser Books, 1992) 41–51. In The Octavo, Carroll changed the formula for M to GLSB, i.e. Gnosis, Link, Subliminialization, and Belief, each from 0 to 1, and all multiplied together.

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  1. Thanks for this. Everytime I do intensive google searches for ideas that pop up in my mind, I’m taken here. Great work Josh, I’m going to attempt to apply this to my work!

    1. Hi, Talia. Thank you for visiting hyperRitual. As Carroll defined gnosis in Liber Kaos: “… an extremely hysterical focusing of the mind by ecstatic or meditative techniques, if only momentarily or intermittently. A good orgasm or that split second of quiescence at the end of half an hour’s raja yoga may just suffice.”

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