Chaos Ex Machina Pendants for Sale

Chaos Ex Machina 3 B

A tower stands on the edge of time
Upon it stands the astral mind
The burning chaosphere seethes behind
Ours to see yet we are blind
// Electric Wizard, “Wizard in Black”

Show your love for Chaos, machines, or Chaotic machines with these laser-cut, black acrylic pendants featuring the symbol of Chaos cut out from the center of a gear. Each pendant measures two inches wide and has a matte finish on one side (the unfinished side is glossy). Each includes a jump ring to attach the pendant to a necklace chain or cord (not included). Each also comes with the Chaos symbol that has been cut from its center, for you to do with as you like (I keep mine on my altar).

$8 each. Please add $2 for shipping to the United States or Canada, $4 to anywhere else.

The pendants are sold out. My thanks to everyone who purchased them.

Chaos Ex Machina 3

7 Replies to “Chaos Ex Machina Pendants for Sale”

  1. Hell, is it really over? Or waiting for a new batch?
    Really interested, even tho i live in Brazil’s deepest valley.

    Please reply or mail me anyways regardless of availability, as in, magickaly important that it happens.

    Sorta speak.

    Thanks, be as you wish.


    1. Ameth, I am sorry for the late reply; been away from this site for a while working on new things. Thank you for your interest in the pendants. Alas, I do not presently have plans to order another batch but I will update this site if that changes.

    1. Hello. Sorry for the late reply; your message got caught in my spam filter. It is possible to order the pendant without the ring but not without the hole that the ring goes through; the holes have already been cut in all of them.

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