Thee Dark Eidolon of Shub-InterNet

TIAMAT is “Testing the Internet As Magickal/Aethyric Tool”

This list was specifically intended to facilitate the discussion of magickal experimentation using the Internet as medium. This included the planning of specific experiments, reports of previous experiments, and the discussion of resources and techniques.

Includes the RamPage directory, TIAMAT (Testing the Internet As Magickal/Aethyric Tool), and an archive of alt.magick.chaos.

Numerology Healing Tones Software

This program contains ten (10) individual tone generators. The frequency of each tone may be retrieved from a database or musical notes may be assigned. The individual vibrations may be correlated with Pythagorean Numerology or Chaldean Numerology. The tone generators may also be used with Solfeggio healing tones or Royal Rife healing frequencies. The program is designed for the casual user or the serious researcher.

How to Create an iPod Tarot Deck

Using iTunes, an iPod and your personal music collection, you can create a Tarot deck that is always in your pocket. Use it to predict the future, impress your friends at parties, study and memorize the meanings of cards, or simply collect together some of your favorite songs in an interesting playlist.

IMG2TXT: ASCII Art Made Easy!

This script takes the URL of a GIF, JPG, or PNG image and converts that image into ASCII text or colored HTML. Not very useful, but pretty cool.



Perhaps not so useless; try using it to embed mantras or other textual links into images or sigils. Here is an image originally created with, then processed with img2txt to embed a a mantra-ized variation of the statement of intent (“obtain Necronomicon”): BENORCTIMA.



The Oneiroi

Morpheus, of all his numerous train, express’d
The shape of man, and imitated best;
The walk, the words, the gesture could supply,
The habit mimick, and the mein bely;
Plays well, but all his action is confin’d,
Extending not beyond our human kind.
Another, birds, and beasts, and dragons apes,
And dreadful images, and monster shapes:
This demon, Icelos, in Heav’n’s high hall
The Gods have nam’d; but men Phobetor call.
A third is Phantasus, whose actions roul
On meaner thoughts, and things devoid of soul;
Earth, fruits, and flow’rs he represents in dreams,
And solid rocks unmov’d, and running streams.
These three to kings, and chiefs their scenes display,
The rest before th’ ignoble commons play. [1]

A typology of Second Life objects based on the daemons of sleep:

  • Morpheus class | includes all human-like objects; most complex and autonomous
  • Phobetor class | includes all animated objects having less complexity that Morpheus-class objects
  • Phantasos class | includes all inanimate objects

Notes & References

1. Ovid, Metamorphoses.